Pros and Cons of Shared Hosting Services

Shared Hosting refers to sharing of allocated resources hosted in a single server by multiple users. Shared resources include bandwidth (monthly data traffic), disk space, FTP and email accounts, databases etc. Sharing also occurs on the physical server itself, the physical performance resources shared include; CPU, RAM, Apache server, Mail and MySQL single server. Economically, Shared Web Hosting doesn’t come heavy on the pocket as expenditures are shared among users.

Pros and Cons of Shared Web Hosting

To give you a better idea on what better hosting plan to choose to best suit your company, below are some of the pros and cons of shared hosting.

The Pros

  • Since the resources on the server are on shared basis, means the webhost shares the expenses among users in an equal manner. The plan comes favorably cheap.
  • Shared hosting is the most preferred by small business enterprises, personal websites and bloggers for example wordpress since their website contents are not as big.
  • Any technical or expertise required on the main server is usually taken care of by the company hosting the services. So all users can concentrate on optimizing their individual sites and running their businesses.
  • Users need not have any knowledge whatsoever about server jargon such as Windows or Linux.
  • With a cPanel interface installed on the users side to enable manage the website themselves, there is really no use for an administrator.
  • Since all users have unique domain names, emails will usually be forwarded to the right recipient regardless of the server being shared.
  • Shared hosting allows users to have multiple databases.
  • Most shared hosting providers will support PHP and MySQL technologies.

The Cons

  • Lacks proper security because of the shared server No SSL certificate.
  • High vulnerability to hackers though with a good provider this is preventable.
  • Limitations of no freedom at all to install software programs of choice by users unless otherwise provided by the hosting company.
  • Due to high traffic that might be caused by fellow users trying to access their sites, your requests to the server might be slow.
  • Freezing up of the requested web pages due to overload to the host servers.
  • Service support is more of a do-it-yourself when it comes to shared hosting plan.


Generally, to have that website go live and be accessed around the globe using the World Wide Web, a good web hosting service plan is vital. Depending on your requirements and budget you can comfortably settle for a reliable web host provider. Visit for more hosting related tutorials.

If you are thinking of running one big and successful online business, a Shared Hosting plan will certainly not be the way you want to go. Shared hosting is more associated with small enterprises or blogs. If it’s a reliable and effective web hosting company you are looking for to host that online company you have always dreamed of, you need to re-strategize and consider a more robust and stable hosting plan.

Review of HostGator

HostGator was established in the year 2002 and after its grand success; it is the leading web hosting service provider since 2002. HostGator was initialized by Brent Oxley from his small room at the university and served as a small web hosting service provider. Since then it kept on growing and today it has become the leading hosting provider round the globe. Across the world, HostGator has been providing shared and dedicated web hosting. Brent Oxley has started the company with only three servers and now it has become a recognized company with more than 12,000 servers working simultaneously. HostGator is providing an affordable and powerful web hosting service which can be used by the businesses of all the sizes and almost every type of customers even the individual free lancers and that too, in more than 200 countries. The nature of hosting the reseller hosting in which the owner has the authority to use the given hard drive space for the purpose of web hosting on behalf of any other party.

HostGator Datacenters

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The main data centers for the hosting and servers are among the planet’s Dallas and Texas area data centers. The area of the data centers starts from 22,000 square feet and extend up to 78,000 square feet in such a way that it provides secure and cool servers every time.

HostGator Web Hosting Plans Review

HostGator is providing a number of webhosting plans with the unlimited and reseller web hosting. The most popular webhosting plans provided by HostGator under unlimited web hosting are the hatching plan, baby plan and the business plan. The hatching plan includes the unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. The cost of this type of plan is 4.95 $ per month. While on the other hand in a baby plan, unlimited disk space and bandwidth are provided along with the unlimited host domains. The cost of baby plan is also increased to 7.95 $ per month. In a business plan along with the unlimited disk space, bandwidth and hosting domains, you will also get the services such as free private SSL and IP and free toll free number. Due to these additional features the cost of the business plan is 12.95 $ per month. Other than the unlimited plans, HostGator provides the plans for windows hosting, reseller hosting, and VPS hosting. Visit EasyWaytoHosting for latest working HostGator coupons.


According to the review of the people HostGator is providing very good reliability. The complaint of some of the users is about the speed and the uptime of the service. But the quality of service and the support team is admirable. They will quickly help you in getting online within no time.

Ease of Use

HostGator is very user friendly due to the presence of the control panel which consists of almost everything that you need starting from the email accounts for each of the person involved in your business can have their own login and address. Anyone can easily use it without the need of any extra knowledge as its installation and use is very easy.

Transfer from Other Services

You may even move to HostGator from any other service using a few steps. You will also get a free support to help you in transferring your files such as MySQL databases and other documents and files. So you can easily move from other web services to HostGator easily and get lots of benefits.

Support Services

The support services provided by HostGator are available 24/7 and it would be easier for you to setup your first website. You may have any problem at any time, you can easily contact the services and get an easy help.

HostGator Review- conclusion

According to a customer satisfaction survey which was held in June 2008, most of the customers are quite satisfied with the services provided by the HostGator. The company has been constantly working to provide satisfactory results to the customers. In this way, it has covered a large distance in the path of becoming the leading web hosting service. Other than that, it keeps on improving the faults that have been encountered during the work and reported by the customers. Hence the quality of service and web hosting provided by HostGator is improved as it is a combination of both the web hosting and technology veterans. The main features of the HostGator include a free site builder, site studio website building tools, many free website templates, eco friendly green web hosting, unlimited plans and dedicated plans, powered by cPanel control and Plesk web site hosting control panel for Linux and windows respectively.

Most of the customers switched from other hosting companies to the HostGator as they faced many problems like CPU usage and the overflow of service. But when they started using the service plans of the HostGator, they were quite satisfied with the awesome speed and the services.HostGator will provide a brilliant customer service and you will get all types of advices 24/7. It has been ranked as number one for the purpose of web hosting and the customer services. Along with that, people are attracted by the superb offers provided by the company.

Reasons why HostGator is Preferable to other Hosting Providers

As a newbie in the internet marketing or blogging world, you might be having some nervousness while you purchase web-hosting service for the first time. This is quite usual, and you can get rid of this nervousness, as you start moving forward in the web professional world. Nevertheless, in both of these situations, HostGator seems to be best hosting provider for both personal and professional purposes. Hostgator web services, which started its Endeavour in 2002, have become quite reliable and popular among professionals through the sole quality of products and services.

As a notable addition, HostGator has an awesome feature to help newbie professionals, who have fewer budgets for buying web-hosting servers – HostGator coupons. This makes enough sense because some HostGator coupons can give you a discount of up to 25% or 50%. Of course, this is a big deal, as you can save a lot of money during purchase of service. There are some reasons, why HostGator is preferable to other web-hosting providers when it comes to purchasing a good web-hosting server.

Technical section of HostGator is quite impressive. The service provides extraordinary server performance, which in turn lets you achieve great page loading speed. In addition, HostGator web services are damn reliable and company does offer an uptime of 99.9%. This literally means that chances are below 0.1% to see your website not functioning.

Although you barely face technical issues with HostGator, the company has set up an awesome support team, which can bring you 24*7 customer support through different methods. While the live chat method is available for every nation, the toll-free number is available only for USA customers. What makes the HostGator customer support rare one is the feature that enables you to contact the CEO of the service! Well, the CEO-Contacts would be barely useful because the normal customer support team itself is something awesome.

Another reason to choose HostGator is the presence of different hosting plans that are made for different purposes such as personal, enterprise, and business. Regardless the package, HostGator provides essential features without any limits such as the unlimited bandwidth and disk space. For instance, it has different plans as follows.

While the first plan, Hatchling, lets you host single domain along with enjoying unlimited bandwidth and disk space, whereas the second plan, Baby, offers support for multiple domain hosting. And, the third one, which is named as Business is made for enterprise purposes, as it support premium features such as SSL certificate, personal toll-free number etc.

Regardless the service package, HostGator includes an awesome control panel to manage the hosting server, which is an improvised version of cPanel Accelerated. cPanel does the job very well when it comes to the case of CMS or platform installation or domain management. When the QuickInstall scripts and third-party service integration such as traffic analysis are taken into account, HostGator control panel becomes worth praising.

If you are still confused to select HostGator as your web-hosting provider, you can simply checkout review of  HostGator. You can never expect a bad response from a HostGator customer. As a whole, HostGator can be considered as the ideal web hosting choice of a web professional.

Things to Consider Before Buying Web Hosting

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced web-based professional, you know the real importance of the selection of a good web hosting service, when it comes to the case of a completely functional website or blog. Since Hosting is considered as one of the backbones of a website or blog, you should consider a few factors before purchasing a web hosting service. Several researches and experiences have proved that the bad selection of a web hosting can restrain your blog from succeeding. In this article, we would like to list out major ones of such factors so that you will be able to purchase the most appropriate web hosting for your website.

What does your website/blog require?

web hostingYou should ask this question to yourself as many times as possible before selecting a web host. We have seen several bloggers and internet marketers, especially newcomers of the field, who spend a lot of money for buying VPS as well as dedicated servers just for hosting one simple blog or static websites. In addition, their reason for doing so is like a precaution. Whatever their reasons are, you should first understand what your blog wants, whether you would like to host multiple websites/blogs, do your blogs require SSL and dedicated IPs, etc before choosing a plan. We would take the example of an upcoming blog on tech niche. Unless you have a great source of traffic, it will take around a few months for the website/blog to gain the path of success. In that sense, there is no point in buying a VPS for that blog. Once you have understood this section, you can move onto rest of factors.

Uptime, Go for Maximum

As you know, uptime literally means whether you want to see your website down. Hence, if one web host does offer an uptime of 100%, it means that your website/blog will always be functional. However, no hosting providers dare to offer such an uptime because technical issues are out of human control, though they provide up to 99.9%. So, what you can do is going with the web hosting service, which offers the best uptime. Significance of uptimes becomes crucial when it comes to the case of a blog, which of course would like to all readers equally.

Technical and Customer Support

You may face some issues while creating or managing your website. It is quite usual. However, the perfect web host will be there to help you through their customer support department. The same customer support will be very useful when you have made some mistakes while setting up the website. Therefore, before purchasing the web host, you should check the quality of customer support of the firm. For doing so, you can ask your friends or check out reviews on forums or blogs. In addition, good web hosts always offer different methods for grabbing technical support such as live chat, toll free number etc. According to convenience, you should check whether the mentioned web host has such a method for getting customer support.

Reliability – Word makes Sense

Suppose you have created your site and the site is receiving satisfying amount of everyday traffic. What will possibly be your reaction if you came see your website to be not functioning in one morning? How would you react when the web host provide some indigestible reasons such as the over CPU use or something? Mostly, this can make you nothing more than irritated. In order to get rid of these problems, you should check whether the web host is reliable, not only in their statements but in their action too. For this section too, you can seek help from your friends or some colleagues, who have used different web hosting services. Also, you may consider some reviews about the web host so that you will get a clearer idea about how reliable the service is.

Usability – Can you use it easily?

Almost everyone seems to be quite confused, when it comes to server management. And, what it would be like if the host has embedded some complex things in the server management platform? Hence, you should be concerned about the usability of web hosting control panel so that you can confirm whether you would be able to manage your site or blog with ease. However, there is some other criterion in determining the usability of the control panel such as the integration of associated services like statistics. In order to check these, you can have a demo of control panel.

Additional Services – For the sake of Productivity

Suppose you want to create a website quickly but have not enough time to code or follow the lengthy process of WP installation. Here comes the importance of services like QuickInstall scripts, site-builders etc. Hence, if you’ve sudden requirements of website creation, you should check the presence of these quick install features in the web hosting package.

Let’s Conclude

Once you have checked all these sections, and found out two web hosts are equal, then you can let your decision to be based upon the price tag of the service. Did we miss any crucial points in the list? Do not forget to leave your valuable comments.