About Me

mattieHi everyone, I am Mattie Holiday from Atlanta, GA. I am a computer control programmer working with a software solution company called “Exact Solutions”. Since my childhood, I have been interested in technology and gadgets. This is what inspired me to take my software engineer degree and join in the industry as a software expert. In my 26 year career, I have built a reputation in the field and my company places trust in me for the mightiest of task.

Starting up my Blog

Very few people get an opportunity to get to convert their passion into a lucrative career and I have been one of those lucky people. Today, I am not only making a lucrative career in the tech field, but am also running a successful tech blog. I started it up as a hobby and never expected that it would bring me so many accolades. Today, I have visitors all over the world, looking up my blog for the latest tech news and gadget advice.

Contact Me

My belief lies in the fact that team work is the second name of a successful enterprise. This is why, I am looking for a team of tech lovers, who can help me write well informed and researched articles for my blog. For more details, contact me today.