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bluehost hosting review

If you are looking for a very popular web hosting server, then look no further and pick up Bluehost. Owned by Endurance Internal Group, Bluehost offers one of the best web hosting services in the industry for very reliable price tags for almost all of their hosting plans. Although being the most popular doesn’t necessarily mean the best in overall quality, but they meet the needs of most web admins and that’s the consideration everyone takes into account. Apparently, Bluehost isn’t only most popular but also almost the near-perfect one, for most people at least.

bluehost hosting review

The company became functional in 1996 with shared hosting servers only, and it grew over time. EIG acquired Bluehost in 2011 and now Dan Handy is appointed as the CEO of this company.

Bluehost Hosting Plans and Pricing

Bluehost has a plethora of services like shared hosting plans, cloud hosting plans, VPS, dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting etc. Shared hosting plans from Bluehost are the most popular, and the other ones sell pretty good to their respective consumer bases.

  • Shared Hosting: Bluehost has three shared hosting plans – basic, plus and business pro. The pricing are respectively $3.95/month, $6.95/month and $14.95/month under some discounts offered by Bluehost. Typically, the pricing is $7.99onth, $10.99/month and $23.99/month. Except for the first plan, they have unlimited website domain allocation and storage space. All of these plans have unlimited bandwidth allocation.
  • WordPress Hosting: If you need to have WordPress CMS installed on a hosting plan right from the scratch, then Bluehost WordPress optimized hosting plans will come useful. There are four plans – blogger, professional, business and enterprise, and the pricing starts at $12.49/month. Across different plans, the following varies – monthly allocated number of users, storage and bandwidth, server configuration and especially the RAM.
  • VPS Hosting: Virtual Private Servers are advanced, but much lesser priced than the dedicated hosting servers. Bluehost has four VPS plans – standard for $14.99/month, enhanced for $29.99/month, premium for $44.99/month and ultimate for $59.99/month. Standard has a dual core CPU configuration with 2GB of RAM, whereas ultimate has a quad core CPU configuration with 8GB of RAM.
  • Dedicated Hosting: If you need a web hosting server that’s practically leased to you – all of its hardware and software resources, then you need to buy a dedicated hosting server. Bluehost has three plans – standard for $74.99/month, enhanced for $99.99/month and premium for $124.99/month.

Bluehost Service Stats

Speaking of the service quality, Bluehost serves it really good. Here’s a few stats you might like –

  • Reliable Uptime: The uptime hours of Bluehost hosting are very satisfactory. Although the company guarantees a 99.99% uptime guarantee, we have found the actual figure to be 99.98% across past 7 days. The response time varies between 270-280 ms. Mostly, the average uptime guarantee never went down below 99%, few occasional downtimes had happened which typically never lasted for more than 100 seconds. Since the tested server was shared, we wouldn’t complain about the downtime. It’s typically much higher in many other companies’ shared hosting plans.
  • Pricing Comparison: The pricing is very competitive, at least with the other companies in web hosting industry that’s what we could conclude. One can host a website on Bluehost for as low as $3.95/month and with coupon codes for bluehost and discounts from Bluehost affiliates, the cost may be cut down to even more.
  • Customer Support: The customer support people are had really been helpful so far, they weren’t rude when we came up even with the silliest questions regarding our shared web hosting plan. The customer support is provided 24/7 over telephone, email and live chat on Bluehost website. However, during rush hours the support response time might vary.


Amongst all the odds in web hosting industry, Bluehost keeps standing pretty well. If you need a good pricing, sign up during the holidays and festive seasons when the affiliates and Bluehost offer highest discounts.… Read the rest

wp engine as web hosting provider

Hosting a website is crucial, because that’s what the whole business depends on. A beginner in website business often makes mistakes by choosing the wrong hosting service or plan, and regrets for a pretty long time in the end. The better a hosting service is, the better the websites hosted on it will perform. WP Engine is a managed WordPress hosting service made by WordPress authority, and to host WordPress based websites WP Engine truly offers an excellent deal. What could be a better option than to have WordPress manage a website that’s based on WordPress CMS? Probably nothing.

wp engine as web hosting provider

Their pricing starts at below $30/month which is very reasonable, and even that doesn’t look much like a better cost structure, then you have the affiliates covering your back. You could find discount to cut down the costs to a greater extent by using the WP Engine discount codes they offer. And, below are five benefits of choosing the WP Engine over other managed WordPress hosting services.

  • Better SEO Ranking

Website responsiveness is a directly influencing factor in SEO ranking, and a WP Engine hosting plan can certainly save a website owner from loads of hassles. The WP Engine comes with WordPress’s built-in state of the art fast responding technologies that makes a website appear better in the Google search result pages, and the fast loading of website pages make the SEO rank better as well.

  • Free Staging

Free Staging is a feature that allows a website owner to live-test their websites before actually making them live. On the Free Staging window, a WP Engine hosted website will appear exactly what it would to a visitor’s web browser. This way the website owner can make necessary adjustments to their websites and the effective previewing tool would make best possible outcomes to their business.

  • Extensive Additional Tools

Not just the typical WordPress tools, but WP Engine offers additional features like automated backup and restored, CloudFlare CDN for better usage experience by delivering contents to every browser window very efficiently and also some layers of security are provided through the CDNs, dedicated IP addresses and other resources for a complete website hosting package. For the Premium and Enterprise Grade users of WP Engine, there could even be some custom-stitched features as well.

  • Dedicated Support

As a standard equipment to every WP Engine subscription plan, premium dedicated customer support is provided via tickets, emails, hotline numbers and live chat. Any subscriber of the WP Engine service can ask the customer support representatives for assistance and they will provide necessary measures and guidance.

  • WP Engine Saves Time

If one is to host a WordPress CMS based website, then why not on WP Engine? Because it is wholly managed on a WordPress based environment that’s made by WordPress, and all the features are fully optimized to fit on a WordPress website like no other. That why you should choose WP Engine as for your main hosting provider. A lot of stuff will not require to be done from the scratch, and hence time will be saved for the website owner.


WP Engine makes business easier for WordPress blogs and websites. Should you have any more questions, do not hesitate to ask!… Read the rest

siteground affiliate program

Affiliate programs are popular ways of making some money online, and if you choose a faster growing company like SiteGround to make yourself grow in the online marketplace as well, there aren’t many forces to stop you. SiteGround offers various affiliate programs and advantages to those who work for SiteGround marketing, and all these programs generate a good amount of money for the SiteGround affiliates in the end of the month. Affiliates of SiteGround are the people who provide discount coupons to the potential website owners.

siteground affiliate program

What is an affiliate marketing program?

Affiliate marketing has always been a business term, but wasn’t heard as much before like it does now. With the introduction of very fast bandwidth in internet connections worldwide, affiliate marketing becomes immensely popular as well. Affiliate marketing is the process where someone or some company gets involved with selling a renowned company’s services. The marketing could be through video content, audio or even still pictures. Basically, an affiliate marketer has to promote a company’s products and goodwill by any means and ones the products sell, the affiliate marketer gets a specific percentage for each of the purchase that’s been made.

Depending on the company, being an affiliate marketer could be greatly useful. If the company is bigger enough to lure people into buying their web hosting plans, the affiliate website will certainly more views and more people will be buying their products even through affiliates. Affiliates get a smaller share of the profit but if the amount of these small contribution are so big in number, the overall profit gets so big by the end of the day, week, or the month.

SiteGround Hosting Affiliate Program

Quoting SiteGround’s own quote – marketers don’t choose SiteGround affiliate subscription for earning money only, rather they get an affiliate subscription because the service quality is too good. The endorsement from the affiliates is so powerful, it affects the overall business of SiteGround as well.

Commissions with SiteGround Affiliate Program

SiteGround provides excellent commission for each sales, which is enough to get many people into business with SiteGround. For example, the highest commission rate per unit sales could be as high as $125, which is ridiculously rare. The payment is done weekly, hence staying with SiteGround affiliate program is much profitable than the others, there are plenty who pay commissions on monthly basis. You can promote the hosting plans using SiteGround coupon and when someone use your coupon or click on your link you get commission, as simple as that. The best part about SiteGround affiliate commission generation is there’s no minimum sales limit to reach to be able to earn a specific amount of commission, each and every sales get paid. Withhold period for SiteGround affiliate program is only 30 days – much shorter than the average market period.

Promotional Contents

For the best marketing strategy, SiteGround provides the visuals and ideas for the materials and contents essential to carry out a successful affiliate campaign. SiteGround affiliate website has few banners to choose from which could be directly placed into an affiliate website.

Track Sales in Real Time

SiteGround affiliate program allows for real time tracking of sales and commissions. Whenever a sale is made through an affiliate’s website, the commission will be logged immediately and added for payment queue. A payment history is automatically generated for each affiliate.


SiteGround affiliate program offers a whole lot of features. To get an increased amount of sales each month, your strategy should include offering discounts through coupon codes.… Read the rest

Web Hosting Space

The World Wide Web must be going through its golden era right now. Because there are just too many websites currently existing in the cyberspace, and each of them open up a new horizon. No matter what genre a website is about, the core foundation of a website lies within the hosting space. A website is basically a lot of files, systematically arranged to better served to a group of audiences at ease. All these files need to be stored on a space, and has to be publicly accessible in a certain level so that people can view and use the information in the form of websites. The web hosting space has to be purchased before they could be used, and also few other subscription fees might apply.

Web Hosting Space

And there are few different ways to use a web hosting space.

In Depth of Web Hosting Space

To meet different needs and host different types of web sites, there are many types of hosting services. From very basic type of hosting which is mostly known as FTPs, where users can directly upload and download files without any fancy user interface to today’s adaptive and interactive web interfaces where the hosting service provide necessary support – all are popular till time. FTPs are mostly offered in intranets where the ISPs offer files to their subscribers through this protocol and the other website hosting services offer service for the websites with an easy to use, easily accessible and kind of fancy user interface.

Personal web hosting services are usually a one page hosting service where all contents are posted on a single page. These types of hosting services could be free with ads, or paid without ads, or free without ads – depending on the company that provides the hosting service. Since there’s only one page, the hosting service doesn’t need to provide much storage space or bandwidth for each individual website. These websites are mostly plain with minimal amount of scripts – contributing to a very simple and less complicated setup.

Everything is more complicated when there are more pages in a website and also they hold plenty lot of information. All these info need to be properly placed on the pages, to make them show correctly various scripts need to run on the browser simultaneously, as well as on the hosting server. Hence, more powerful computers are required to handle your data on the server, and to channel them through the internet bandwidth to the visitors’ computer screens. The whole process is complicated and must be finished within few microseconds;hence the whole process requires state of the art hardware configuration and advanced scripts and codes like PHP, Java, ColdFusion, Python, and Ruby etc.

For the basic management of hosting accounts, there are code based control panels or visual UI based control windows. Visual UIs are more helpful for maintaining a website without knowing much technical details and that’s why these are mostly used in practical cases. To protect e-commerce or other websites where financial transaction might take place, SSL certificates are used to prevent credit card theft.


There are plenty of ways to properly use a web hosting space; however this takes knowledge on the types of web hosting space to know how to properly utilize them. If not done by a professional, then little bit of searching around in Google could greatly help.… Read the rest

Web Hosting Solutions

‘If it is too good to be true, then probably it isn’t; this is what we grow up learning these days. This applies squarely on all business transactions and it easily extends to the deals we encounter on the web as well. Any time you open Google, you will be greeted by ads that offers you products and services at unthinkable prices or companies offering you freebies just for visiting a website or filling a form. Most of us know these are scams and hence excuse ourselves from the offer. So how do you know when someone offers you a genuine product or service at a low price? Well, you need to take the fancy words with a pinch of salt. Anyone who offers something at a price considerably lower than the market price would have cut corners to do that. And that is where you need to be careful.

Web Hosting Solutions

This logic fits the web hosting scenario perfectly. There are literally hundreds of web host providers out there offering cheaper prices, more features, better functionality, unlimited bandwidth and so on. As a consumer, you need to be able to separate the chaff from the wheat and get to the bottom of these offers. Due to this unyielding competition, service providers are forced to offer you something more than the next competitor. Some go for added functionalities, others for free support and some others for lower prices. It is up to the consumers to do a detailed study and identify which would suit them best.

Anybody who wants to host a website needs to sign up with a hosting service provider. Small time website owners need affordable solutions and don’t care much for higher functionalities. Luckily, there are web hosts that provide cheap hosting solutions. Understandably, one cannot expect the same kind of services you would get from a VPS host or a dedicated host. If you come across a low priced hosting solution that ticks your entire requirement, by all means, take it. If you don’t, keep looking and sooner or later, you will come across an affordable package that addressed all your concerns.

Let us look at some of the possible downsides of a low priced web hosting solution.

  1. The quality of service is definitely going to take a hit. This doesn’t necessarily mean that low priced hosts are bad. It only means that you need to tone down your expectations in such a scenario. Instead of the 24 X 7 X 365 support you would get high end packages, you might have to settle for a limited hours support. If you are a small time web owner, this wouldn’t add up to much. ‘
  2. Another important thing to note is that most of the low cost web hosting solutions is shared hosts where the same space will be shared among numerous websites. Now, this may not necessarily be bad. However, if you are targeting high target or optimum performance, you may be in for a surprise.

It is up to the consumer to study the merits and demerits of any particular low cost web host package in detail and determine whether it suits them or not.… Read the rest

Pros and Cons of Shared Hosting Services

Shared Hosting refers to sharing of allocated resources hosted in a single server by multiple users. Shared resources include bandwidth (monthly data traffic), disk space, FTP and email accounts, databases etc. Sharing also occurs on the physical server itself, the physical performance resources shared include; CPU, RAM, Apache server, Mail and MySQL single server. Economically, Shared Web Hosting doesn’t come heavy on the pocket as expenditures are shared among users.

shared web hosting

Pros and Cons of Shared Web Hosting

To give you a better idea on what better hosting plan to choose to best suit your company, below are some of the pros and cons of shared hosting.

The Pros

  • Since the resources on the server are on shared basis, means the webhost shares the expenses among users in an equal manner. The plan comes favorably cheap.
  • Shared hosting is the most preferred by small business enterprises, personal websites and bloggers for example wordpress since their website contents are not as big.
  • Any technical or expertise required on the main server is usually taken care of by the company hosting the services. So all users can concentrate on optimizing their individual sites and running their businesses.
  • Users need not have any knowledge whatsoever about server jargon such as Windows or Linux.
  • With a cPanel interface installed on the users side to enable manage the website themselves, there is really no use for an administrator.
  • Since all users have unique domain names, emails will usually be forwarded to the right recipient regardless of the server being shared.
  • Shared hosting allows users to have multiple databases.
  • Most shared hosting providers will support PHP and MySQL technologies.

The Cons

  • Lacks proper security because of the shared server No SSL certificate.
  • High vulnerability to hackers though with a good provider this is preventable.
  • Limitations of no freedom at all to install software programs of choice by users unless otherwise provided by the hosting company.
  • Due to high traffic that might be caused by fellow users trying to access their sites, your requests to the server might be slow.
  • Freezing up of the requested web pages due to overload to the host servers.
  • Service support is more of a do-it-yourself when it comes to shared hosting plan.


Generally, to have that website go live and be accessed around the globe using the World Wide Web, a good web hosting service plan is vital. Depending on your requirements and budget you can comfortably settle for a reliable web host provider. Visit for more hosting related tutorials.

If you are thinking of running one big and successful online business, a Shared Hosting plan will certainly not be the way you want to go. Shared hosting is more associated with small enterprises or blogs. If it’s a reliable and effective web hosting company you are looking for to host that online company you have always dreamed of, you need to re-strategize and consider a more robust and stable hosting plan.… Read the rest