Bluehost Web Hosting Review

If you are looking for a very popular web hosting server, then look no further and pick up Bluehost. Owned by Endurance Internal Group, Bluehost offers one of the best web hosting services in the industry for very reliable price tags for almost all of their hosting plans. Although being the most popular doesn’t necessarily mean the best in overall quality, but they meet the needs of most web admins and that’s the consideration everyone takes into account. Apparently, Bluehost isn’t only most popular but also almost the near-perfect one, for most people at least.

bluehost hosting review

The company became functional in 1996 with shared hosting servers only, and it grew over time. EIG acquired Bluehost in 2011 and now Dan Handy is appointed as the CEO of this company.

Bluehost Hosting Plans and Pricing

Bluehost has a plethora of services like shared hosting plans, cloud hosting plans, VPS, dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting etc. Shared hosting plans from Bluehost are the most popular, and the other ones sell pretty good to their respective consumer bases.

  • Shared Hosting: Bluehost has three shared hosting plans – basic, plus and business pro. The pricing are respectively $3.95/month, $6.95/month and $14.95/month under some discounts offered by Bluehost. Typically, the pricing is $7.99onth, $10.99/month and $23.99/month. Except for the first plan, they have unlimited website domain allocation and storage space. All of these plans have unlimited bandwidth allocation.
  • WordPress Hosting: If you need to have WordPress CMS installed on a hosting plan right from the scratch, then Bluehost WordPress optimized hosting plans will come useful. There are four plans – blogger, professional, business and enterprise, and the pricing starts at $12.49/month. Across different plans, the following varies – monthly allocated number of users, storage and bandwidth, server configuration and especially the RAM.
  • VPS Hosting: Virtual Private Servers are advanced, but much lesser priced than the dedicated hosting servers. Bluehost has four VPS plans – standard for $14.99/month, enhanced for $29.99/month, premium for $44.99/month and ultimate for $59.99/month. Standard has a dual core CPU configuration with 2GB of RAM, whereas ultimate has a quad core CPU configuration with 8GB of RAM.
  • Dedicated Hosting: If you need a web hosting server that’s practically leased to you – all of its hardware and software resources, then you need to buy a dedicated hosting server. Bluehost has three plans – standard for $74.99/month, enhanced for $99.99/month and premium for $124.99/month.

Bluehost Service Stats

Speaking of the service quality, Bluehost serves it really good. Here’s a few stats you might like –

  • Reliable Uptime: The uptime hours of Bluehost hosting are very satisfactory. Although the company guarantees a 99.99% uptime guarantee, we have found the actual figure to be 99.98% across past 7 days. The response time varies between 270-280 ms. Mostly, the average uptime guarantee never went down below 99%, few occasional downtimes had happened which typically never lasted for more than 100 seconds. Since the tested server was shared, we wouldn’t complain about the downtime. It’s typically much higher in many other companies’ shared hosting plans.
  • Pricing Comparison: The pricing is very competitive, at least with the other companies in web hosting industry that’s what we could conclude. One can host a website on Bluehost for as low as $3.95/month and with coupon codes for bluehost and discounts from Bluehost affiliates, the cost may be cut down to even more.
  • Customer Support: The customer support people are had really been helpful so far, they weren’t rude when we came up even with the silliest questions regarding our shared web hosting plan. The customer support is provided 24/7 over telephone, email and live chat on Bluehost website. However, during rush hours the support response time might vary.


Amongst all the odds in web hosting industry, Bluehost keeps standing pretty well. If you need a good pricing, sign up during the holidays and festive seasons when the affiliates and Bluehost offer highest discounts.