Benefits of Choosing WP Engine as a Web Hosting Provider

Hosting a website is crucial, because that’s what the whole business depends on. A beginner in website business often makes mistakes by choosing the wrong hosting service or plan, and regrets for a pretty long time in the end. The better a hosting service is, the better the websites hosted on it will perform. WP Engine is a managed WordPress hosting service made by WordPress authority, and to host WordPress based websites WP Engine truly offers an excellent deal. What could be a better option than to have WordPress manage a website that’s based on WordPress CMS? Probably nothing.

wp engine as web hosting provider

Their pricing starts at below $30/month which is very reasonable, and even that doesn’t look much like a better cost structure, then you have the affiliates covering your back. You could find discount to cut down the costs to a greater extent by using the WP Engine discount codes they offer. And, below are five benefits of choosing the WP Engine over other managed WordPress hosting services.

  • Better SEO Ranking

Website responsiveness is a directly influencing factor in SEO ranking, and a WP Engine hosting plan can certainly save a website owner from loads of hassles. The WP Engine comes with WordPress’s built-in state of the art fast responding technologies that makes a website appear better in the Google search result pages, and the fast loading of website pages make the SEO rank better as well.

  • Free Staging

Free Staging is a feature that allows a website owner to live-test their websites before actually making them live. On the Free Staging window, a WP Engine hosted website will appear exactly what it would to a visitor’s web browser. This way the website owner can make necessary adjustments to their websites and the effective previewing tool would make best possible outcomes to their business.

  • Extensive Additional Tools

Not just the typical WordPress tools, but WP Engine offers additional features like automated backup and restored, CloudFlare CDN for better usage experience by delivering contents to every browser window very efficiently and also some layers of security are provided through the CDNs, dedicated IP addresses and other resources for a complete website hosting package. For the Premium and Enterprise Grade users of WP Engine, there could even be some custom-stitched features as well.

  • Dedicated Support

As a standard equipment to every WP Engine subscription plan, premium dedicated customer support is provided via tickets, emails, hotline numbers and live chat. Any subscriber of the WP Engine service can ask the customer support representatives for assistance and they will provide necessary measures and guidance.

  • WP Engine Saves Time

If one is to host a WordPress CMS based website, then why not on WP Engine? Because it is wholly managed on a WordPress based environment that’s made by WordPress, and all the features are fully optimized to fit on a WordPress website like no other. That why you should choose WP Engine as for your main hosting provider. A lot of stuff will not require to be done from the scratch, and hence time will be saved for the website owner.


WP Engine makes business easier for WordPress blogs and websites. Should you have any more questions, do not hesitate to ask!