Low Priced Hosting Solutions- Are They Reliable?

‘If it is too good to be true, then probably it isn’t; this is what we grow up learning these days. This applies squarely on all business transactions and it easily extends to the deals we encounter on the web as well. Any time you open Google, you will be greeted by ads that offers you products and services at unthinkable prices or companies offering you freebies just for visiting a website or filling a form. Most of us know these are scams and hence excuse ourselves from the offer. So how do you know when someone offers you a genuine product or service at a low price? Well, you need to take the fancy words with a pinch of salt. Anyone who offers something at a price considerably lower than the market price would have cut corners to do that. And that is where you need to be careful.

Web Hosting Solutions

This logic fits the web hosting scenario perfectly. There are literally hundreds of web host providers out there offering cheaper prices, more features, better functionality, unlimited bandwidth and so on. As a consumer, you need to be able to separate the chaff from the wheat and get to the bottom of these offers. Due to this unyielding competition, service providers are forced to offer you something more than the next competitor. Some go for added functionalities, others for free support and some others for lower prices. It is up to the consumers to do a detailed study and identify which would suit them best.

Anybody who wants to host a website needs to sign up with a hosting service provider. Small time website owners need affordable solutions and don’t care much for higher functionalities. Luckily, there are web hosts that provide cheap hosting solutions. Understandably, one cannot expect the same kind of services you would get from a VPS host or a dedicated host. If you come across a low priced hosting solution that ticks your entire requirement, by all means, take it. If you don’t, keep looking and sooner or later, you will come across an affordable package that addressed all your concerns.

Let us look at some of the possible downsides of a low priced web hosting solution.

  1. The quality of service is definitely going to take a hit. This doesn’t necessarily mean that low priced hosts are bad. It only means that you need to tone down your expectations in such a scenario. Instead of the 24 X 7 X 365 support you would get high end packages, you might have to settle for a limited hours support. If you are a small time web owner, this wouldn’t add up to much. ‘
  2. Another important thing to note is that most of the low cost web hosting solutions is shared hosts where the same space will be shared among numerous websites. Now, this may not necessarily be bad. However, if you are targeting high target or optimum performance, you may be in for a surprise.

It is up to the consumer to study the merits and demerits of any particular low cost web host package in detail and determine whether it suits them or not.