Many Ways to Use a Web Hosting Space

The World Wide Web must be going through its golden era right now. Because there are just too many websites currently existing in the cyberspace, and each of them open up a new horizon. No matter what genre a website is about, the core foundation of a website lies within the hosting space. A website is basically a lot of files, systematically arranged to better served to a group of audiences at ease. All these files need to be stored on a space, and has to be publicly accessible in a certain level so that people can view and use the information in the form of websites. The web hosting space has to be purchased before they could be used, and also few other subscription fees might apply.

Web Hosting Space

And there are few different ways to use a web hosting space.

In Depth of Web Hosting Space

To meet different needs and host different types of web sites, there are many types of hosting services. From very basic type of hosting which is mostly known as FTPs, where users can directly upload and download files without any fancy user interface to today’s adaptive and interactive web interfaces where the hosting service provide necessary support – all are popular till time. FTPs are mostly offered in intranets where the ISPs offer files to their subscribers through this protocol and the other website hosting services offer service for the websites with an easy to use, easily accessible and kind of fancy user interface.

Personal web hosting services are usually a one page hosting service where all contents are posted on a single page. These types of hosting services could be free with ads, or paid without ads, or free without ads – depending on the company that provides the hosting service. Since there’s only one page, the hosting service doesn’t need to provide much storage space or bandwidth for each individual website. These websites are mostly plain with minimal amount of scripts – contributing to a very simple and less complicated setup.

Everything is more complicated when there are more pages in a website and also they hold plenty lot of information. All these info need to be properly placed on the pages, to make them show correctly various scripts need to run on the browser simultaneously, as well as on the hosting server. Hence, more powerful computers are required to handle your data on the server, and to channel them through the internet bandwidth to the visitors’ computer screens. The whole process is complicated and must be finished within few microseconds;hence the whole process requires state of the art hardware configuration and advanced scripts and codes like PHP, Java, ColdFusion, Python, and Ruby etc.

For the basic management of hosting accounts, there are code based control panels or visual UI based control windows. Visual UIs are more helpful for maintaining a website without knowing much technical details and that’s why these are mostly used in practical cases. To protect e-commerce or other websites where financial transaction might take place, SSL certificates are used to prevent credit card theft.


There are plenty of ways to properly use a web hosting space; however this takes knowledge on the types of web hosting space to know how to properly utilize them. If not done by a professional, then little bit of searching around in Google could greatly help.