SiteGround’s Affiliate Program Could earn you Great Money!

Affiliate programs are popular ways of making some money online, and if you choose a faster growing company like SiteGround to make yourself grow in the online marketplace as well, there aren’t many forces to stop you. SiteGround offers various affiliate programs and advantages to those who work for SiteGround marketing, and all these programs generate a good amount of money for the SiteGround affiliates in the end of the month. Affiliates of SiteGround are the people who provide discount coupons to the potential website owners.

siteground affiliate program

What is an affiliate marketing program?

Affiliate marketing has always been a business term, but wasn’t heard as much before like it does now. With the introduction of very fast bandwidth in internet connections worldwide, affiliate marketing becomes immensely popular as well. Affiliate marketing is the process where someone or some company gets involved with selling a renowned company’s services. The marketing could be through video content, audio or even still pictures. Basically, an affiliate marketer has to promote a company’s products and goodwill by any means and ones the products sell, the affiliate marketer gets a specific percentage for each of the purchase that’s been made.

Depending on the company, being an affiliate marketer could be greatly useful. If the company is bigger enough to lure people into buying their web hosting plans, the affiliate website will certainly more views and more people will be buying their products even through affiliates. Affiliates get a smaller share of the profit but if the amount of these small contribution are so big in number, the overall profit gets so big by the end of the day, week, or the month.

SiteGround Hosting Affiliate Program

Quoting SiteGround’s own quote – marketers don’t choose SiteGround affiliate subscription for earning money only, rather they get an affiliate subscription because the service quality is too good. The endorsement from the affiliates is so powerful, it affects the overall business of SiteGround as well.

Commissions with SiteGround Affiliate Program

SiteGround provides excellent commission for each sales, which is enough to get many people into business with SiteGround. For example, the highest commission rate per unit sales could be as high as $125, which is ridiculously rare. The payment is done weekly, hence staying with SiteGround affiliate program is much profitable than the others, there are plenty who pay commissions on monthly basis. You can promote the hosting plans using SiteGround coupon and when someone use your coupon or click on your link you get commission, as simple as that. The best part about SiteGround affiliate commission generation is there’s no minimum sales limit to reach to be able to earn a specific amount of commission, each and every sales get paid. Withhold period for SiteGround affiliate program is only 30 days – much shorter than the average market period.

Promotional Contents

For the best marketing strategy, SiteGround provides the visuals and ideas for the materials and contents essential to carry out a successful affiliate campaign. SiteGround affiliate website has few banners to choose from which could be directly placed into an affiliate website.

Track Sales in Real Time

SiteGround affiliate program allows for real time tracking of sales and commissions. Whenever a sale is made through an affiliate’s website, the commission will be logged immediately and added for payment queue. A payment history is automatically generated for each affiliate.


SiteGround affiliate program offers a whole lot of features. To get an increased amount of sales each month, your strategy should include offering discounts through coupon codes.